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Talent Concept

Our Vision : become heritage, strong , energetic and outstanding enterprises
We have a highly professional , with a forward-looking strategic awareness , which will continue to guide us every step forward ;

Our goal: market-oriented , occupied the commanding heights of development

We want to achieve scientific and technological content of the place, there is the "macro sink" the words or word of mouth .
This requires us to continue to expand the customer base , continues to expand areas of expertise, as all aspects , multi- enterprise , to gain a foothold in the national market.

Our aim: quality casting brand , the responsibility of excellence !
Casting quality brand , the company and the user common development and achieve win-win situation , which is a macro sinks unswerving purpose.

Our strategy: In special career, solid and stronger
Focus more on science and technology depth , professional experience for the repair ,
Do real , the only for the strong .

Our Values: identity, participation, sharing
Core competencies determine viability of enterprises
Wang Hui is a core value of identity, participation and sharing
Advocacy to create value and foster a sense of mission , responsibility, sense of honor and accomplishment
Willing to have the ability to continuously improve their effectiveness and employees as talent
Advocates in practice to learn new ways of thinking , to adapt to the changing environment
To create a comprehensive enterprise-wide execution

Our spirit: integrity and diligence strict cooperation and innovation
Integrity : the product is first , to the letter Liming
Diligence : not avoid hardships, perseverance
Strict: attention to detail , the pursuit of perfection
Collaboration: team work, sharing and win-win
Innovation: continuous improvement, constantly transcend

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